Hey Doggies and Kitties,
It's Friday and I still dont see Pinky Winky yet. I hope that dog is ok, I'll be busy looking for my stuffy this weekend~

Meanwhile, here is this week's hide and seek picture. Can you find me?

Have a nice weekend~


My doggie friend Abby gave me an award. Thank you Abby

I would like to pass this award to Helios and Daisy.

By the way, has any dog or kitty seen Pinky Winky? I haven't seen that dog since yesterday, I wonder where Pinky Winky went.

Eil noticed that I've been artistic lately

You see the 3 round thingys in front of Joey the Hammie? Those are my chewing toys. Eil woke up in the morning and found them neatly and tastefully arranged like that. In a semi circle in front of Joey the Hammie. Isn't that pawsome? I thought it'll be nice to have some of my stuff decorated nicely in my house. :)

Birthday Stella and Stuffy Wednesday

Hello doggies and kitties, I would like to wish my doggie friend Stella a big
I'm giving her a little kiss in the picture below.

Here's a little poem I've written for her:

Stella is a cutie
who's such a pawsome doggie
She is big Stanley's sissy
And she sure is sassy
I want to wish her Happy Birthday!
And hope this will make her day

Ok back to Stuffy Wednesday. Meow~ Hello every stuffy and wheely. Some of you might have seen me before, I'm pink stuffy cat.

Pinky Winky is a little tied up, being busy somewhere this week, so I'm taking over the spot this round.

Woh the eatables here sure are pawsome. Check out these treats (call dim sum) shaped like fishes (smacking lips now)

After that yummy feast, I think I need to lie down and nap~ Meow

What next?

Hey Doggies and Kitties, I went to Pearl and Opal's skating pawty and boy was it fun!
Check out the pawsome photos in Asta's bloggie. I'm still thinking how fun it was to skate with everydog, no wonder the wheelies have so much fun.

Ok, so what shall we do today???


Hey everyone, how was your weekend? I decided to do some Doga over the weekends.

I can touch my tail with my nose.

I look like a little furry ball here. hee hee

I can stretch the other way too... Can you doggies and kitties do this too?

Yippee Friday

Yeah, it's Friday and I see that many of you managed to get the correct answers for the quiz.

Pinky Winky is the one on the left. In my hint picture I was pointing my paw to the left.
And yes Mr Rain is the one who sang that Kung Fu Fighting song. His track will be in the Kung Fu Panda OST Asia version (The clip below is taken from youtube filmed by a fan)

Congrates to the 3 friends (Goofy, Twinkle & Huskee) who gave the correct answers first, your prizes will be sent to you soon.
Ok, back to Peek a Boo Friday. Can you see me?

Have a pawsome weekend~

Quiz Time

Hey doggies & kittes, are you ready to play guessing game?

A) Below is a photo of Pinky Winky and Bluey Wooey in sepia color. You got to guess which one is Pinky Winky.

b) And then you got to guess who is the singer of this song below
Ok I can only give you hints to the first question. Look at my photo carefully...

The first 3 correct answers to both questions gets a prize!
The contest will end tomorrow at 10am SingaPaw time
Good Luck everyone~

Stuffy Wednesday

Hello stuffies and wheelies, it's me Pinky Winky. Today I'll show you what a typical stuffy day is like in the house.

This is my treats stash. It's so pawsome that I get to eat all these treats! If you stuffies or wheelies ever come to visit me, I'll be happy to share my treats with you.

I get to play tag with Bluey Wooey. Most of the time, it'll end up in a draw.

And we like to chase the stuffy cat around sometimes.

After all the fun activities, I like nothing best then to rest my head on the bed to Zzz

*Girl girl* I like to thank my doggie friend Candi for giving me this cute award. Thanks Candi, you're a pawsome friend too.

Wide Eyes Cute Puppy

wide eyes big ears dogSuch big and cute eyes on this puppy. He loks quite proud of himself too.

Wizard Puppy Dog

harry potter wizard halloween dogAgain, owners dressing their dogs. I cant work out if this is dumbledore puppy or harry potter puppy. He looks pretty confident and maybe a little sneaky, so perhaps snape.

Whos the Boss Dog?

fighting dogs pug and retrieverIm not sure who will win this fight. The Pug or the Retriever. I reckon the pug, he looks like a feisty little puppy. Either way, they are having a lot of fun.

Who Are You? Rhodesian Dogs

two rhodesian red dogs by poolRhodesians have such great a character, and so curious to work out whats going on. Its that great turn of the head when they are trying to find out whats goign on. Why do dogs turn their heads? I better google that, im sure its a good reason.

Really Tiny Cute Puppy Wash

tiny puppy being washedHow small is this puppy? Id be afraid that he might fall down into the sink hole. He looks like a yorkshire terrier, or maybe an australian terrier pup, but i stand to be corrected. Either way, they are so cute when they are small. Put them in a bath, and they look even smaller.

Please Take Me Rhodesian Puppy

rhodesian puppies love the cameraPlease take me? Aww, i want to take you home cute little puppies, i really do - i just dont have the room!

Space Astronaut Puppy Dog

dressed up space astronaut dogI know that in the early days of space travel, both the Americans and the Russians sent dogs into space. Im not sure that this little puppy is another contender. I think the owner just likes to dress their dog. Anyway, i dont know that too many astronauts wear bows in their hair like this puppy. Cute.

Snoozing Cute Lab Puppy

cute sleeping labrador puppySuch a cute labrador puppy having a little snooze after a hard days work. Its a dogs life.

Sleeping Little Puppy Dog

sleeping on a bed puppyAhhh, such a big bed for this puppy, even if he stretches out he wont fill it. This puppy looks so content!

Squishy Sleeping Puppies

puppy bed sleeping dogsA bit of a squeeze here i think. Im trying to count how many puppies there are here. Im thinking six, but i could be wrong. There may be one or two underneath.

Sleeping Big Ears Puppy

big ears puppy dog upside down asleepWhat big ears on this sleeping puppy. He looks so peaceful, sleeping on his back. They really are cute dog ears.

Sit Puppy Sit, Good Dog

sit and shake hands dogWhat a good dog, learning how to sit. Hang on, thats not what we usually mean when a dog sits. Very clever dog. I wonder how long this will last.


Hey doggies & kitties, what a pawsome weekend we had at Putter and Willow's pawty. And my pillow sure came in handy when I want to rest my head. But I want to show you guys sometime. See the difference in size between mine and Eil's pillow?

No fair... Why is Eil's pillow a gazillion times bigger then mine. I dont think her head is so big that she needs a pillow that is so big.

Hey Pinky Winky, can you give me a paw up the giant pillow?

See how big is this? I can host pawties and get many of my dog and kitty friends for a sleep over on this pillow.

Pee S, check out Mr T-Bone bloggie about International Package Exchange.

Puppy in the Bath

beautiful puppy in the bath poolAww, he looks a little sad does this puppy. I dont think he wanted a bath. But every dog needs a wash now and again. Beuatiful eyes on this puppy.

Puppy Dog in a Bag

dog in a carry human bagWhat has the world come to when a puppy dog is a fashion accessory? Surely the puppy dog could do with being taken for a walk too? This is just too funny.

Bichon Puppies in a Box

really cute bichon puppies in a boxCute Bichon puppy dogs in a box. I think they are trying to get out. Somebody should help them.

Puppies and Kittens

tiny kitten and tiny dogs familyHow tiny is this little kitten? Living in harmony with these puppy dogs. So far. Who knows what the futiure may hold...

Cute Pug Puppy

cute dog posing for photoI wonder if this Pug knew that he would be posing for a photo. He is very cute, id like a pug please.

Playing Happy Puppies

playful happy dogs bitingThese are just some playful and happy puppies. They look so cute.

Cute Playing Bulldogs

While bulldogs look angry sometimes, they are just as playful as other puppy dogs. They just might do things a little slower at times.
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