It's Friday

Hello my friends, it's finally FRIDAY.

I'm going to play with my bear now.... Have a pawsome weekend~

I'm one today

Hello my friends...... I am one year old today!

The hoomans bought me a cake! I'm so excited about it.

I got some cake after they sing me happy birthday song. That's the largest piece of cake I ever got.

I wasn't allowed to eat the piece with my name coz it's all sugar. After the hoomans took that away I attacked my slice of cake! yum~

nom nom nom nom....

Oh boy.. I can't finish the cake myself...

Would anyone like some cake too? ;)

Sleepy Friday

Hello my friends, finally it's Friday and I'm sleepy due to the cooling weather.

Have a pawsome weekend everyone~

Did you see it?

Hey my friends, today's the day where there's the longest solar eclipse of the 21st century.

I tried to get to the highest spot in my house to see it.. But I didn't managed to see anything (It could be due to the rain and we have gloomy skies at that time)
Did any of you saw it?

My Corn

Hello my friends.... I'm busy munching away on my corn now

I'm sure, I'll be able to create a corn shank very soon.

Wish me luck~

Stuffie ok

What is Bluey Wooey sniffing at?

Oh, Pinky Winky has a badge. :) Is your stuffie ok?

Hee hee

Bath Time

Hello my friends.
Guess what I had to do yesterday?

I wonder why? I think I smell pawsome..

And whats all this junk? WHat? You mean all these came from my home?

After my bath, I had to release all the energy!

Have a pawsome weekend everyone~

I'm back

Hello my friends.. we're back and I missed you all

So, here is where Eil went last week. Can you guess where is it?

Does it looks like Venice? Haa but Eil went to Macau and stayed in a hotel call Venetian

They can take gondola indoors

Here's the Ruins of St. Paul and don't the building and pathway look pawsome

And the main reason why Eil was there....

I have nothing more to say about Eil now.. I shall snack NOW!

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