So it's boring Monday again. The video I posted last Friday was me trying to pull Eil's pants to stop her from leaving. But she still went out!

But she bought something new back for me. (Can you see me in the picture?)
She bought this Halloween decoration. It looks pretty cool

I would like to ask my friends.. When would be a good time to start halloween decorating??


Oh, it's finally Friday...

And Eil, I dont think you should go anywhere. You should stay here by my side and keep me company...
Have a pawsome weekend everyone~

Lazy Monday

Hello my friends, it's another boring Monday

What's a better way to spend the day having your hooman give you scratches.


It's finally Friday. :)

Can you seek me in the picture? I'm hiding...
Have a pawsome weekend everyone~


Hello my friends...

Hum... I wonder what should I do from now till the weekends~

Cute Puppy Bag Carrier Photo

Dog in a Bag. This little guy looks very content riding along in this bag. So much for taking the dog out for a walk!


Hello my friends, so it looks like another boring Monday again today.

But I found some funny clips of Mr Rain on youtube posted by his fans to share. Here's one

The translation of this clip is:
(Voice over)
I'm a bad guy. My girl, my friends, my memories, all thrown away.

Rain: My cellphone!
Man: What are you doing?

Here's the making of the clip, with lots of funny expressions by Mr Rain.

The translation is:

44s on the video

Rain : Why have you (his cellphone) entered there?
You know I just got you yesterday!!

Rain : You should be aired well.

Man : What are you doing?

Rain :
(Weeping oneself out)
Hey there! Take it out of the toilet and go! Come here!!

It's Friday

Hey my friends, so yesterday wasn't bad after all.
And it's finally Friday today. Let's play Hide and Seek

Can you find me?
Have a pawsome weekend everyone~


Hello my friends,
It's Thursday the 13th today.

Is that good or bad?

What's that?

Hello my friends.
Can you guess what is in this picture below and what happened?

Happy Birthday Singapore

Hello my friends, it'll be Singapore's 44th birthday this coming Sunday
Alot of the flats that the hoomans live, in hang out the flags

I want to do my part too, so....

What do you think? I think it's pretty patriotic. ;)

It's even good for hide and seek too. Can you spot me?
Have a pawsome weekend everyone~


The hoomans said that I've been bad.... I've chewed the name decoration that Tibby sent me

But I didn't do it on purpose, it was within my reach (I blame the hoomans for this) and it looks yummy like an apple. I didn't eat the bits of course, I chewed it out and decorated my floor with red bits.

I'm so sorry for chewing this Tibby. Will you be mad at me?

Goodbye Charlie

Goodbye Charlie, you have been a pawsome friend to many of us.

May we meet again someday~
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