Friday friday

Hello my friends, so sorry for being quiet for so long.
My hooman Eil have been busy... anyway Halloween is coming and I can't wait to see all your pawsome costumes.

Have a pawsome halloween and weekend. :)


Hello my friends, it's finally Friday.

Can you spot me here?
Have a pawsome weekend everyone~


Hello my friends, Eil is busy at work again *sulks*

I'll be munching on my corn while waiting for her to update my bloggie and visit my friends :(

Eil's trip

Hello my friends......
Can you guess where Eil went last week?

YES! She went back to Seoul, Korea again... for what reason?

Sheesh.... and she went to Mr Rain's office too..

Too bad he doesn't report to office during office hours like our hoomans

She had a pawsome time sightseeing new places too

And of course the shopping there to make her luggage explode... (I still gotta find what she bought me from there)

Here's a short clip of the concert (Mr Rain is in black top and white pants)

We're back

Hello my dear friends, Eil is back~

And check out her luggage~

It totally exploded! and I have been assigned to look after her stuff at home now when she went off to work this morning. Nobody is to touch those posters that she have placed near me

Guess it's a busy work day for security guard Bae today. ;)


Eil is going away and will only be back next week

That means, nobody will help me update my blog. :(
Please dont forget me~


Yeah, it's finally Friday
Can you spot me in the photo below?

Have a pawsome weekend everyone~
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