I'm Back

Hello my friends, so I unwrapped my present and I got a big packet of treats. Yippee~

I took a piece to snack on in my home..

Ok, who's paw is on my bum?

Merry Hammie Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone~

Opps.. you can't see me there.. ok here I am. :)

Have a hamsterrific Christmas everyone~


Hello my friends, oh my oh my.. I got a present!

How exciting.. when can I open this??

Is it time?

Hey Eil... are you sure it's not xmas yet???

Can you please go check the calendar again~

My first card

Yohoo.. I got my first xmas card . :) Isn't it pawsome.

It's from the Musketeers. Thank you doggies for sending me a card even when I didn't take part in the xmas card exchange

I think I'm kissing Lady here. :) *Happy*

Me good hammie

Right.... so after hearing so many of my friends telling me that the fat red guy is not bad... I decided to help him

He sure is kinda heavy

Then he started to ask me which of my friends have been good.. I listed all my friends in DWB

He sure seems happy now..
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