Gift from Mason Dixie

Hey my friends, I got a package from Mason Dixie. :)

Dont Mason look cute in the photo. I participated in Mason's "create an award" contest and she sent me a custom made magnet and cheesie chew and her cute photo. Below is the photo I submitted for the contest.

Thank you Mason for the pawsome gifts.

You dont think my cage look over-decorated do you?

Pawsome weekend

Hello~ So nobody came to let me hammie-sit but some hoomans came over to Singapaw.
They are Boo, Twinkle, Goofy & Rossi's moms.. all the way from Malaysia. And they meet up with BooBoo, Jay, Zen& Patches' moms and Eil.
Below is part of the table(Eil's camera cannot fit in the whole table) filled with side dishes from their first dindin. Yup, you read correctly, that's just side dishes.. not included the 6 plates of meats and 3 soups yet! Can you image how much dishes the restaurant have to wash up later.

And they bring me pawsome gifts, yeah~

See my name on this package?

It's a sparkly B

And those who play Pet Society in FB can tell that this is a pet there. This is a hand-made Junki from Scooby (Goofy's cousin) mom. Thank you very much J jiejie. :)

Eil also gets a sparkly collar for her paw (please excuse her fat paw). The hoomans call this a bracelet. Then when they had alot of fun, the visitors had to go back home.

Bye~ Hope you all had a nice trip and hope to meet up with you all again soon. :)

Pawty weekend

Eil said that there'll be some friends coming to visit tomorrow and Saturday.
I wonder if they need my hamster sitting service

I wonder who'll come.. hum....

Twinnie Stuffies

Hello my friends, do your stuffies have a twinnie?
We were packing our cupboards one day and discovered that wire hair Bluey Wooey has a twinnie

Even smooth coat Bluey Wooey is puzzled by that.. He didn't know stuffies have twinnies too.

Can you see me?

Yohoo.... can you see me??

How about now? Can you see me better? Gimme a smoochie kissy. :)

Ok, I gotta get back down for a snackie.. See ya later~

Sly Smile Puppy Dog Pose

sly smiling puppy dog posing for photo Looks like a really sly smile on his puppy dogs face. Maybe he is just trying to smile for the photo. Just a poser.


Remember the straw house that Mango gave me?
Mama put it in my house. :)

Isn't it cool? What a pawsome new place to play.. I tried to eat it at first..

But I decided that it'll be a better place to play hide and seek in..
Can you find me?

Have a pawsome weekend everyone~

Really Funny Vampire Dogs Photo

really funny vampire dogs in coffin just like dracula photo How funny is this photo? When i first looked at it, i didnt notice the dog in the coffin upside down! Thats just classic. And the vampire dog is even snarling just like dracula would! Fantastic.

Remy goes back today

Hello my friends.. Remy's hoomans are back and he should be heading back home tonight

I bet he missed his family..

Bye Remy.. it was fun hammie-sitting you.. I hope you enjoyed your time here (and my treats)


Hello my friends.. do you smell your feetie sometimes..

I think mine smells like sunflower seeds.. What does yours smell like?

What to do Tuesday

Hello my friends, it's a wet rainy Tuesday morning we have over here..

And I'm feeling a little bored... What should I do today?

I know.. I'll play with my giant stuffie sunflower seed!


Really Cute Kissing Puppies

really cute photo of puppies kissing so sweet Not much you can say about this really cute photo of kissing puppies except...awwww. So sweet.


Hello my friends.. how are your weekend? Good I hope.

Remy is less shy now and comes out more. Can you see him in the photo above?

I'm being a nice host and share my food and sunflower seeds with him.

And now I have a sudden craving for pizza.......

Cute Lab in a Dishwasher Pic

really cute lab in a dishwasher cleaning the bowls I just love this pic of the labrador in a dishwasher. Maybe he is the new dishwasher - he is certainly having a fun time licking the bowl clean!

It's Friday

Hello my friends.... it's finally Friday..
It's also scary Friday the 13 today... so I definitely should do hide and seek today.

Have a pawsome weekend everyone~

Cute Sleeping Lab Puppy

cute sleeping labrador puppy dog tired Not sure if this Labrador puppy has had a hard day. But he certainly is tired and needs a sleep. So cute.

Hammie sitter

Hello my friends...
Did you noticed something new in my home?

We're helping to hammie sit a hammie. Coz his family are going overseas for a week, so he'll be staying with us for the time being. Bluey Wooey also came out to check the new hammie out. Can you see me in the pictures too?

His name is Remy, he is almost 2 years old and is a winter white dwarf hamster. He seems a little shy at first.

Can you see him now?

Bad camera skills

Hello my friends, does your hoomans take bad photos??
Here's a picture that has too much flash.

Can you see me in the photo at all??
And the silly hooman blamed it on the camera.. tsk tsk tsk

Little sheep

I was reading Maggie & Mitch's blog on a little tiny bear that lives with them.
Autumn posted some photos of the little teddy that's just under 3 inches tall
So I went to check our stuffies to see if who's the tiniest. And I found this sheep

It's about 3 inches tall too

And alot more shorter when it sits down.

Here's a photo of Angel Girl girl with the sheep.

So what's the smallerest stuffie you have in your home??

Bae got medal.

Hello my friends.. Did you all had a nice weekend?
I did... Look what I got in the mail from Mango.

A medal! For getting the Reader's choice in the Mango Minster for the Toy group.
My name is on the medal too. :)

And a nest to snuggle in.. how pawsome is that. If any of you comes to visit, you can snuggle in there too. :)

The pawsome paw shape medal.

Yippeee! I'm so happy.

Thank you very much Mango. ;)
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