Hello my friends,
I'm still here.. just that Eil is lazy to take new pictures of me and help me to update the blog. tsk what a bad hooman...

I'm fine and I miss all of you~


Hello my friends, it's another sleepy Monday

Mama decided to sew me a cushion. Can you see the black cushion on the right of the photo.
But I somehow dont like it. I think because black doesn't really match the theme of my pinky house. :)

Happy Chinese New Year

Hello my friends....
When I woke up last Sunday morning, I saw something outside my house

Oh, it's a red packet... Chinese New Year is here. :)

Happy Chinese New year to all my friends who celebrate. :)


Hello my friends...
Do you like to squeeze into little spaces?

I like to go to little corners to nap~

Lazy Hooman

Eil have been very very lazy these days. She doesn't help me update my blog

Anydog would like to volunteer to nip her butt?

Oh you can see me?

Oh.... turns out you all can see me in yesterday's pictures.
I tot you can't see me because I can't see you at all with my head down.

Hum... how does this peek a boo game works.
I gotta go practice more. :)

Peek A Boo

You can't see me~ :)

Eating in comfort

Hello my friends~
Do you eat snacks while laying on your back?

It sure is very comfy, and you can use both your paws . :)

Can you see me

Hello my friends~
How have 2010 been for you.. Can you see where I am?

No? Here's where I am.. heee enjoying the start of 2010~

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